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Victoria Chames comes from a background in Fire Service and Emergency Medical Service. She served for eight years (1987-1995) as a firefighter and officer with Alameda County O.E.S. Fire Department, including two years as a Fire Training Officer and four years as Emergency Medical Services Officer and Trainer. She taught Citizens' Disaster Preparedness first aid for two years in a program co-sponsored by City of Berkeley Ca. Fire Department and Alta Bates Medical Center, and was Director of Fire Med, a California EMSA Continuing Education program for EMT & Paramedic in Alameda County (Ca EMSA CE Provider #01-0022, 1995-2003). She has worked as an Emergency Room Technician for more than 20 years.

In 1996 she created the unique course, Disaster First Aid- When 911 Can't Come, composed of critical-essentials-only, designed for citizens and volunteers. She began teaching this course for community groups and private schools and while teaching, she wrote the book Disaster First Aid: What To Do When 911 Can't Come (1996). In 1998 she created a complete Instructor Kit of clear, concise, user-friendly Teaching Materials with an 80-slide detailed Powerpoint Course Presentation, and by 2001, DFA had been developed into a complete Training System which is now in its 4th Edition.

The course is easy to teach by non-professionals as well as EMTs, Paramedics, Firefighters, nurses, CPR Instructors, coaches, camp counselors and others. In 2010 the DFA handbook became available worldwide as a downloadable PDF E-Book.


Disaster First Aid has been taught in 42 U.S. cities, sometimes as a component of West Coast Medical Reserves Corps programs, in the State of Alaska's Department of Public Health as a part of their ESAR-VHP program many cities and territories, in several Canadian provinces, and in Haiti, New Delhi India,

and Jakarta Indonesia.


DFA is used by corporations for their Employee Safety and Homeland Security programs, in colleges and K-12 schools for faculty disaster preparedness and emergency response, by Police and Fire Dept. CERT Programs, and by independent Small Business entrpreneur independent Instructors and startup Group Training Centers teaching public classes.

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