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Disaster First Aid: Our Mission, and

Who We Are : We're not a corporation or a Big Business. We're a small group of coworkers and colleagues, professionals & retired professionals in Fire Service and Emergency Medical Service who shared the same thought for years, and decided to do something about it.

Our Common Thought : TOO MANY PEOPLE DIE NEEDLESSLY in disasters. In large-scale emergencies, a great number of people who might have been saved by simple actions, die needlessly while waiting hours or days for overwhelmed 911 resources to reach them.

Our Mission: To teach ordinary people in neighborhoods, offices, workplaces, schools, colleges, construction sites, Community Centers, anywhere and everywhere, how to safely perform these simple but critical lifesaving things - to preserve the savable lives and limbs in those critical first minutes and hours of a major emergency until professional help can be obtained. DFA teaches this in a clear concise manner, with no irrelevant details, no fancy medical words, just what you really need to know, in the simplest terms. It’s easy to learn and teach.

A study by the American College of Trauma Surgeons of 3 types of TRAUMA DEATHS-

Type 1
Death in minutes from overwhelming damage to body vital organs. (COULD NOT be saved. )
Type 2 Death within several hours from severe bleeding or shock. (COULD have been saved if...)
Type 3 Death in days or weeks from infection, organ failure, or shock. (COULD have been saved if...)

This study determined that of those who had a chance to survive but died, as many as 40% could have been saved by simple first-aid measures IF they received them EARLY.

Disaster First Aid is a whole new kind of First Aid. It's no nonsense, no frills, no fluff and no filler. Just the essential things people need to know, to make the critical difference in a large-scale emergency or disaster. DFA was written by experienced practitioner of both Fire Department and hospital Emergency Medical Services, who is also an Adult Education teacher.

Many Fire and Police Departments are teaching teaching DFA. Disaster First Aid is not a government program, it is a privately-owned and copyrighted teaching system, completely different from “standard” or “Basic” first aid. Though many Police and Fire Department C.E.R.T. programs use our course, Disaster First Aid© is not automatically included in every CERT program. If your city or county is not using this Disaster First Aid course, you can ask them to get it.

You Can Teach It. Teachers, coaches, EMTs & Paramedics, CPR instructors, firefighters, camp counselors, Eagle Scouts, Business Employee Safety programs, and individual citizens are teaching DFA privately for their own community, their school, or their employees. Using the new 4th Edition Instructor Kit of materials, Instructor Guide, and PowerPoint CD presentation makes the course clear and easy to teach, easy to learn, and the no-stress hands-on practice makes it actually a lot of fun. You can Teach it for your community, your kids’ school, or do it as a part-time job or small business. We provide you with email support and a free profile, ad-listing, and link on our website for your classes or agency (if desired).

We Believe In It. Disaster First Aid© is designed to be as practical and useful as possible, and to be accessible to as many people as possible. If you're experienced in teaching, it's a breeze. Even if you've never taught anything before, you can still do this correctly by following the complete, detailed Powerpoint. You may find, as many people do, that you love teaching it.



Disaster First Aid began in 1996 with a group of friends and coworkers in Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, and Public Safety. At first we taught the course locally, but that wasn't reaching enough people. So we started the DFA website and created the user-friendly "Instructor Kit" to make it easy for many more people, both groups and individuals, to teach the course wherever they are.


Starting as a kitchen-table small business in Berkeley Califronia, Disaster First Aid has grown into a complete teaching and learning System used in 37 U.S. cities, the State of Alaska Publikc Health Department's ESAR-VHP program, several Canadian provinces, Haiti, New Delhi India, and Jakarta Indonesia, by schools, corporations, nonprofit organizations, CERT Programs, and small-business independent instructors, some of whom have started their own Training Centers.

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