Download a free copy of the DFA Handbook as a PDF E-book for all platforms.
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Download a free copy of the DFA Handbook as a PDF E-book for all platforms.

– Read it, work the practices with your family and friends, take the full course if it's available in your area.

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The need for citizen first-responders is urgent and world-wide. We need each other to face them.

This is our donation to everyone everywhere to honor the innocent people whole were injured or tragically lost their lives in the terrorist events and the frightening surge of new violence in our world. Even in events like these, lives and limbs are often saved by ordinary heroes in the crowd, who knew what to do, and did it without hesitation. We earnestly pray that things like this will end, but until they do, good people will continue to help each other as much as we can. With the simple skills in this brief course, we can do much more.

The E-book Handbook (PDF format) is a large file (52 pages). Be sure to allow enough time for it to download. If you encounter any problems downloading, please contact us at:


Current Instructors:
Order hard-copy Handbooks for your students (still the best option) but your students can also download the PDF version and prepare for the course in advance as an alternate. The hard-copy book is recommended for emergency-response first-aid-kits.

If you're not an Instructor yet:
This is a good way to get a concise overview of the course's main elements. The Handbook contains all the formulas, including the first 24-hours Action Outline, a condensed form of Rapid Triage, and illustrations of the basics of splinting & bandaging. There is more material in the Course itself and the Teaching Powerpoint.

The Handbook is not the whole course
It has a different function: a short-form of the formulas to be kept in the First Aid Kit, and as a refresher/reminder of the information and hands-on skills learned in class.

The information and techniques in
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