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Download the DFA 4th Edition Handbook as an E-book

The demand for this training is urgent and worldwide. When you teach Disaster First Aid© your clients may include Corporate and Business Employee Safety and Homeland Security Programs, Schools and colleges Disaster Preparedness Programs, Community Centers, CERT programs, or you can start your own Small Business offering one-day classes to the general public. –Read more about this in FAQs

If you're not an Instructor yet
This is a good way to get a concise overview of the course's main elements. The Handbook contains all the formulas, including the first 24-hours Action Outline, a condensed form of Rapid Triage, and illustrations of the basics of splinting & bandaging. There is more material in the Course itself and the Teaching Powerpoint.

The Handbook is not the whole course; it has a different function: a short-form of the formulas to be kept in the First Aid Kit, and a refresher/reminder of the information and hands-on skills learned in class.


Current Instructors
It's best to order hard-copy Handbooks for your students (still the best option) but your students can also download the PDF version for the course in advance to prepare for the class. The hard-copy is best to keep in your first-aid pack.

NOTE: E-books are
by credit card only.
(Please no checks.)

The E-book Handbook (PDF format) is a large file (52 pages). Be sure to allow enough time for the E-book to download. If you encounter any problems downloading, please contact us at: