3rd edition
3rd edition

"A complete, comprehensive, copyrighted Training System. Designed for disaster
from the ground up. Not just another basic First Aid course with a disaster spin

Easy to teach, more user-friendly than ever. The Powerpoint presentation guides you through all the topics and the hands-on practice smoothly and seamlessly. The Instructor Materials are designed to be simple and focused, to make Disaster First Aid easy to teach even if you are not experienced at teaching.

The Instructor Kit package contains the 80-slide Powerpoint Presentation as well as a clear and practical Instructor Guide, an easy-to-follow Teaching Outline keyed to the slides and the handbook pages for each topic, all the forms you'll need including liability release, supply checklist, task checklist, class handouts and more.

The DFA System is used by businesses and corporations for their Employee Safety programs, by Schools for student and faculty emergency preparedness training, by Fire & Police Department disaster preparedness C.E.R.T. programs, and by small-business independent instructors and Training Centers.

Disaster First Aid© is the only course that teaches you what to do when normal 911 Emergency Services are overwhelmed by massive numbers of injuries and calls, and cannot immediately help everyone who needs immediate help. This course provides accurate, life-saving information and skills that can be done by the average non-medical person, from age 14 to seniors.

DFA is practical, compact, and its actions and protocols interface directly with the established Disaster Response plans and protocols used by Public Safety personnel such as Paramedics, Police and Fire Departments, and Emergency Rescue Teams in California, the United States, and most of the developed countries of the world.

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This course was written by an experienced Adult Education Teacher and Emergency Medical caregiver who is also a former Firefighter, Fire Training Officer, Emergency Medical Services Officer, and Hospital E.R. Emergency Medical Technician with more than 25 years of hospital and field experience.

3rd edition
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