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What DFA users and students say about the program and their Disaster First Aid classes


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First Aid Kits and Supplies
How to prepare your own First Aid Kits for disaster.

Information for Instructors
About the Instructor Kit: Instructor Manual, teaching materials, Instructor Guide, class forms, and Powerpoint presentation.

Membership in DFA
Users / Subscribers / Members defined. Special perks for Members.


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Standard First Aid vs Disaster First Aid
The critical differences. In Disaster, Standard First Aid won't be much help, because...

S.T.A.R.T. Triage
The S.T.A.R.T. Rapid Triage System, used by both professional and non-professional EMS and Rescue worldwide.
START was created in 1983 by the staff of Hoag Memorial Hospital and the Newport Beach Fire Department, Newport Beach California.

Triage :What, Why, and How
Life Lines article, time-tested fast formula to identify who needs help first, to do the most good for the most people.

What is Disaster First Aid ?
A whole new kind of First Aid, Designed for Disaster. What It Does, and Why It's Different. Professional protocols adapted to citizen level of ability and resources.

What's In The Course?
Rapid Triage and critical First-Actions for trauma injuries and shock.

Why Isn't Standard First Aid Enough?
It does not have what you do need for a true disaster...It doesn't consider the possibility of more than one injured person or more than one injury at a time.

Disaster First Aid - When 911 Can't Come
Home page, introduction and links to feature pages.

About Us
Mission Statement, History, and Goals.

About the Author & Course Credentials
Firefighter, Training Officer, Adult Education Teacher, hospital Emergency Room caregiver.

Action Outline
The disaster plan for the First 24 Hours, and guidelines for the days that follow. Page from the book.

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Anyone Can Save Lives
Simple formulas, basic skills, if done soon after the injury, save lives and limbs that otherwise might be lost if they had to wait too long for care.

Articles from "Life Lines"
Articles, news and views, useful information. "Real Stuff from Real People." By experienced Emergency Medical Hospital and Field care providers, and from regular people like you.


See a Class
High School Students at the Athenian School in Danville California practice the hands-on skills.


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DFA for C.E.R.T. Programs

Community Disaster Preparedness groups, Police and Fire Dept. Public Education Programs, Homeland Security Programs.

DFA for Corporate and Business
For your Employee safety program or Disaster Preparedness Plan. Use your established Employee Safety instructors.

DFA for Independent Instructors
For Small Business and portable on-site classes, or at your Training Facility.

DFA for Schools
Create a Disaster Preparedness Plan and First Aid Team for your school and community. Train your staff, or Teach your students as part of your regular curriculum.

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Emergency Resources and Links

Disaster Response and Disaster Preparedness articles, official and technical information, news, recent events.

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